At Bluebell we are utterly committed to creating beautiful homes, where our dedication to excellence underpins everything we do and stand for.

As Part of the Edenstone Group, a family business, it’s personal – we care and our exceptional reputation drives everything we do.

We innovate and are passionate about the environment. We built our first zero carbon home in 2016 and have ambitious plans for the immediate future, investing in fast tracking Zero Carbon in all we build.

By 2025 our aim is simple and that is to ensure that every home we build and every community we create is solar or renewable energy powered, with battery storage, creating zero carbon new homes across every development and with innovative home technology that makes our residents life better, easier, sustainable and more enjoyable.

We care deeply about a number of things, one of which is how communities evolve and in a way that allows all our customers, buying a Bluebell home to live, play and home work in a thriving, friendly, peaceful community that is also secure and sustainable and above all private.

Our communities are uplifting and designed to embrace family and friends and the pleasures of life.

Cycling, walking and fitness trails are usual features of our communities, with outdoor exercise equipment and nature paths home and community charging points, electric bikes, great connectivity and much more.

Many of our communities have additional features but at the heart of them all is providing opportunities for our residents to experience the natural world among wetland habitats, wildflower meadows or open spaces and so help improving health and well-being.

We are proud that our communities are seen as wonderful places to live and consist of stylish, smartly designed homes of exceptional value for money and where details and special touches are standard.

Our customers tell us that our commitment to quality makes life that bit better and we are delighted with a long awards list that supports our philosophy.

Come and visit us, walk around and experience the genuine differences that set us apart – a warm welcome awaits you.


At Bluebell Homes we call this “Our excellence as standard” commitment and we are passionate in delivering it in all we do.

Simply put, we strive to always match if not exceed our customer expectations.

It’s a simple sentence, but takes a great deal of daily care and attention and sets us apart.

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