Ellie Sadler has created a family home in Lydney that’s full of character and followed by thousands on Instagram.

Ellie, husband Ben and children Arlo, Albie and Ayla, moved from a two-bedroom property in Alvington to a three-bedroom property at River View Garden Village in Lydney in September.

Since then, Ellie has been sharing her budget-friendly style tips on Instagram, attracting more than 4,000 followers.

“When we moved here we had the perfect house to share on Instagram and I love integrating our lifestyle with interior content and people asking where things are from,” Ellie explains.

“One of the benefits of a new build home is that all the walls are the same colour when you move in. We’ve gone for quite a calm, relaxed vibe with neutral colours to ease stress and anxiety. We’ve added grey flooring and then kept to the same bamboo tones of the paintwork without having to put 100s of pounds into decorating.”

Carer Ellie, and maintenance mechanical engineer Ben, both 27, instantly fell in love with the new neighbourhood.

“When you drive into the development people put their hands up to wave, which is really nice. There’s a really good community feeling,” Ellie says. 

“The facilities here give you a sense that the development has been really well thought out and you feel appreciated as part of the small community. It doesn’t feel like you’re living in a town as you’re surrounded by fields and can see the river. We are lucky to live here and always give people a wave and a smile because they could be a neighbour in future. It’s a lovely little community now and we want to encourage other people to be part of it.”

She adds: “The kids absolutely love the play area. I’ve signed up to use the bike hire and we’re looking into taking on an allotment as the kids have shown an interest in growing their own food.”

Follow Ellie on Instagram @lifebehind.no14.